Rules of sale of services - AB Birštono sanatorija "Versmė"

Rules of sale of services

I. Booking of services in AB Birštonas health resort Versmė

You can book services using the booking system:
1. The Client is able to choose from the wellness packages offered by the health resort (hereinafter referred to as Packages), standard stays that you see in the booking table.
2. Upon checking the content and price of the Package, the Client can choose the arrival and departure dates for the chosen room.
3. After selecting the Package and the arrival date the Client is forwarded to the next step – a form where personal data and comments on the booking (in the comments field) can be provided.
4. After filling in the data, the Client shall make an advance payment by one of these methods:

  • by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard);
  • electronic bank transfer (UAB Paysera LT).

4.1. After choosing one of the two options, the Client will be redirected to a page where payment can be made using system UAB Paysera LT. Data authorization begins after connecting to UAB Paysera LT using encoded 128 byte protocol. When system UAB Paysera LT accepts the payment, the Client is automatically informed by e-mail about confirmation of payment and reservation. The e-mail will state: client data, the name of the health resort, the total price for services, paid advance payment and amount to be paid upon arrival. The e-mail confirming reservation shall be presented at the health resort as proof of paid advance payment and calculation of the outstanding amount
4.2. Using a personal account with the BookingRobot system, the Client shall have the option of linking a credit card with the account. In this way every time you purchase services from health resort Versmė, money will be deducted from the credit account of the client automatically once at the moment of purchase. The Client can remove the card from the account at any time in account settings by clicking ‘Delete’ in ‘Payment cards’. The safety of credit card data of the Client is guaranteed by LB registered company UAB Paysera LT.
5. The Client understands that in case of failure/programming mistakes in the online booing system, if taking into account the services the price for them is unusually low/high, health resort Versmė shall have the right within 10 days from the confirmation of booking to inform the Client about the mistake and demand payment of the full price, and if the Client refuses to pay the full price to terminate the agreement / refuse to provide services without compensating losses of the Client.
6. If there are no free rooms when booking online, the Client may be offered a room upon request. By filling in a form, the Client will receive a confirmation of the term (or lack thereof) by e-mail as well as information on how to make an advance payment. The Client may pay the advance by credit card or by electronic bank transfer. The booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the advance payment. Upon paying the advance, the Client will receive an e-mail confirming the booking, which shall be presented upon arrival at health resort Versmę for final payment.

II. Payment for services and cancelling of the order

7. The Client shall pay the specified advance payment of 30% by one of the two methods used in the system, and the outstanding amount shall be paid upon arrival at the health resort.
8. The Client shall not pay any costs in relation to the booking transaction.
9. If an order is cancelled more than 7 days before the date of arrival, the advance payment shall be refunded. The health resort undertakes to refund the payer the advance payment within 21 business days to the same account from which the transfer was received upon ordering the service(s).
10. If an order is cancelled within 7 days before the date of arrival, the advance payment shall not be refunded. In this case if you cancel the booking, you lose the whole paid advance payment.
11. If the Client made a booking at a promotional price offered by the health resort with a service Package and the Client changes the terms of the booking, the health resort shall have the right to update the whole price according to the prices valid at that time.

III. Final provisions

1. The Client shall provide accurate data in the booking form. The health resort shall not be liable
for incorrect choice of arrival or departure dates or other incorrect data provided by the Client.
2. Electronic payment system UAB Paysera LT is responsible for correct management of
payment for booking.
3. Neither the health resort, nor the company administrating the online booking shall be responsible for inability to access the system not due to their fault and for other disruptions beyond their control.

IV. Personal data

12. When booking and purchasing services the Client agrees for his personal data to be put into the server data base. The data will be used to finish the booking procedure. The personal data shall be processed pursuant to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the LLPPD). The rights of the data subject shall be exercised under the procedure established by Articles 23-27 of the LLPPD. The data subject is able to object to processing of personal data for marketing purposes at any time. Upon receiving a newsletter and wishing to not receive it in the future, the data subject shall click on the refusal link.

V. Confirmation of provisions

12. Upon checking ‘I have read and agree with the Privacy policy and booking rules’, the Client declares that he has understood the terms and conditions of the Rules on booking and use of services and agrees with them. If you do not confirm the provisions, procedures of booking and using services will not function.

VI. Rules of ordering gift coupons

14. A gift coupon confirms the right of the holder to use services for the amount specified in the gift coupon.
15. Holders of gift coupons can only use the services of health resort VERSMĖ.
16. If the amount of purchased services exceeds the value of the gift coupon, the difference can be covered in cash at the reception of the health resort.
17. Gift coupons cannot be exchanged to cash.
18. Gift coupons are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise.
19. If the gift coupon was not used during the term of validity, it shall be considered invalid later.
20. If the holder of the gift coupon purchases services for a smaller amount than the value of the gift coupon, the difference shall not be refunded to the holder of the gift coupon
21. VAT invoices shall not be issued to the holder of the gift coupon paying by gift coupons.
22. The gift coupon shall be used in one purchase.

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