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Health resort treatment

Treatment and wellness

Health resort treatment is based on natural healing natural factors and their effect on the body during procedures. It is intended for prevention of diseases. Walks and other activities outside, breathing fresh air and drinking mineral water from the buvette of the health resort also contribute to the benefits of health resort treatment.


Treatment using mineral water, which has a positive effect on body disorders, metabolic, enzyme and other biochemical processes due to its special chemical composition and physical properties. 


Means treatment with mud. Healing mud of a certain temperature has a mechanic effect on the body, it stimulates skin receptors by chemical and biological stimulators. 


It means treatment and cold stimulation by climate factors to stimulate metabolism, activity of many organs, increases immunobiological reactivity, stabilizes the neuroregulatory functions. 

Birštonas health resort Versmė has been offering health resort treatment for over 50 years, therefore the accumulated experience not only helps people recover, improve their health, relax, but also to find joy in life again.

We are happy to be able to offer our patients and clients a wide range of procedures helping treat different diseases, disorders or just help to relax, calm down and fill the body with the necessary microelements by drinking mineral water from the buvette. We can also offer our clients exceptional procedures: high mineralization pool (up to 22 g/l); and an exceptional Shrek mud with clay procedure which will noticeably improve your skin and strengthen your hair.

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