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Healing mud

Natural resources

Healing mud is a natural treatment factor given to us by nature, it is rich in different chemical elements: iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate, hydrocarbonate. Healing mud contains biologically active materials, similar in structure to penicillin and therefore has a antimicrobial effect. Most effective part for healing of this unique product of nature is a colloidal fraction consisting of humus, bitumen, wax, cellulose, and minerals. Healing mud is an excellent measure against different diseases, it is suitable to reduce inflammations of all types and natures, to reduce pain as well as improve metabolism disorders of any nature in the zone of application. Certified mud from a quarry owned by health resort Versmė in Prienai District, Kasoniai Village is used for all healing procedures in the health resort. The mud is sifted from larger fractions, milled, diluted with mineral water, heated and supply by pipes directly to the premises where procedures are administered.

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