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Active free-time in Birštonas

Vytautas Hill

This hill reveals the beauty of the bend of the Nemunas and Birštonas resort which attracts all tourists even those who find climbing 40 m. a challenge, but the view from the top of the hill rewards the effort. Here you can not only enjoy the view, but also sit down to rest.

Birštonas central park

A nice place for a walk, run, sports or just reading a book surrounded by nature. In the park, you will find different sports equipment, bicycle and walking paths, mineral water evaporation tower, artist sculptures and a book house, where you will always find interesting books.

Vytautas Park

The park at the foot of Vytautas Hill is suitable for all who want to sit down and spend some time in the nature or sit down to read a book. Lovely, cozy surroundings, trees, birds will help you recover inner peace and forget everyday troubles for at least a little while.

Birštonas Nemunas promenade

Those who like long walks by the water, Birštonas promenade by the Nemunas is exactly what you need. Birštonas Nemunas promenade is about 2 km long. On foot or by bike you will reach nearly all places of interest in Birštonas: Vytautas Hill, Vytautas Park, Kneipas Garden, Birštonas Central Park, Žvėrinčius Forest and other places of interest.

Žvėrinčius Forest

What can be better than a walk or a bicycle ride in a forest and breathing fresh air? You can enjoy all that, peace, birds, forest bounty and even different wood statues crafted by artists in a forest on the outskirts of Birštonas. Rest stops are in place who want to sit down and rest.

Kneipas Garden

This exceptional garden was made according to the recommendations of Kneipas and is intended for strengthening the body and the immune system. Here you can walk barefoot on paths with different surfaces and activate biologically active spots in your feet. You can also wade barefoot in a pool or soak your hands in a special stone bath.

Detailed information about active free-time in Birštonas can be found in Birštonas tourism information center at B. Sruogos g. 4 or by phone  +370 319 65740. Detailed information can also be found at

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