Pump-room - AB Birštono sanatorija "Versmė"


You can taste natural, real, not saturated with carbonic acid (non-carbonated) mineral water “Versme” free of charge in the pump-room of sanatorium “Versme”. The composition of this mineral water spurting from a 270-metre “Versme” boring is natrium-calcium chloride water and the total mineralisation is 3.5-5.5 g/dm3.

“Versme” water helps to treat various digestive diseases, for example, a glass of warm water drunk between meals helps to the patients suffering from hyperacidity and cool water helps to those ill with chronic gastritis, if it is drunk 10-15 min. before a meal and if the human gastric secretion is normal. The best way would be for the doctor to advise you how this mineral water should be consumed. Take into consideration that the water is natural without
preservatives, so it must be drunk within 5-15 min., it is not suitable for storing for further consumption. After 30-60 min. it becomes turbid, changes the colour and is not suitable for consumption!

A stone building of exclusive appearance the interior of which is abundantly decorated with marble, brass décor elements and the window glasses with stained glass was built in 1975 together with the whole complex of sanatorium “Versme”. Nearby there is “Versmine”, one of the most famous Birstonas fountains with sculpture “Versme”. The Soviet architects had a vision that this part of the city – the complex of “Versme” sanatorium and the surrounding dwelling houses would become the new downtown. The idea has been partially implemented
– till present near the fountain public chamber events have been taking place. 

Pump-room work hours:

I – VII: 7:00 – 19:00

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